Ger areas around Doloon Buudal, Chingeltei Avenue to be redeveloped

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The meeting of the Council of Governor of the capital city was held on May 4 to discuss the issue of determining the location, size, boundaries, and purpose of the project for redeveloping and building a new residential area in the 14th and 15th khoroos of Sukhbaatar District, or Doloon Buudal.

The amendment of the Ulaanbaatar 2020 Master Plan and Development approach 2023 include the development of Ulaanbaatar into eight regions and 47 units. Selbe sub-center of the northern region belongs to the ninth unit. The sub-center was established to reduce over-concentration of the capital's population, increase the access to affordable housing, create healthy and safe working and living conditions for citizens, and reduce air, soil, and water pollution.

As part of the development of the Selbe sub-center, road, heat, electricity, communication, water supply, sewerage network, flood protection dam, landscaping, and green areas works were executed with soft loans from the Asian Development Bank. Currently, 162 hectares around Doloon Buudal have been proposed to be the location of the redevelopment and construction project. It includes 2,082 units of the field.

The members of the council said that information should be transparent and citizens should be prevented from being harmed and exposed to fraud. The minutes of the council meeting was issued, and determining the location, size, boundaries, and purpose of the redevelopment and construction project of the ger areas will be discussed by the council.

Management of parking lot to be carried out through public-private partnership

The report and conclusions of the task force responsible for planning, building, putting into economic circle and connecting to the integrated management system for vehicle parking lot in the territory of Ulaanbaatar city were presented.

In the last 10 years, Ulaanbaatar city’s population has increased by 1.2 times and the number of vehicles has doubled. According to a research, there are 15,181 vehicle parking lots in 344 locations within the Ikh Toiruu. Moreover, 28 vehicles that have been parked in public streets for a long time have been moved. Task force is working to consolidate the study of automatic closures throughout the capital and relevant decisions to be made. In addition, necessary information is being processed to connect authorized vehicle parking lots to the integrated system, and preparations are being made to select a contractor to improve parking lot management.

Mayor emphasized the need to enforce parking standards. Minutes were issued from the council meeting and task to study and present proposals for possible locations for paid parking on public roads and lots was given. In addition, the management, repair and maintenance of 1918 parking lots in 48 public locations will be organized by the private sector through open tendering within the framework of public-private partnership.

Citizens become able to monitor the process of issuing building permits

The Urban Development Agency has completely digitized the activities of the organization. Specifically, the “eBarilga” urban development digital system was put into operation last December in order to make information related to urban planning and construction permits available to citizens and the public, to increase citizens' participation in urban planning activities, and to quickly deliver government services. It is a combined web and mobile application system that all employees of the Urban Development Agency can connect to.

“eBarilga” digital system has the following advantages:

  • In 2022, more than 1,900 requests and complaints related to building and facility permits and violations were received by the department, most of which were requests to check information on building permits. By using the system, these applications and requests can be reduced by 30 to 40 percent, as well as the processing time.
  • Previously, citizens could only view and monitor the processing of requests sent online, but now it is possible to monitor the processing of paper-based requests using geoportals and mobile applications.
  • Citizens are able to see the future planning of their living environment, monitor urban development activities, vote and participate.

In addition, the meeting of the professional council to discuss urban planning issues is live streamed on the organization's website and YouTube page. In this way, citizens have the opportunity to openly receive the issues and information discussed at the meeting, and to monitor the activities of granting building permits. Minutes were issued from the meeting of the council, and the necessary funds were decided in connection with the above-mentioned works.

Misheel Lkhasuren