Governors tasked to improve living conditions for migrants

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Cabinet held its extended meeting with the participation of provincial and urban governors on Wednesday at the State Palace to discuss the issue of supporting citizens and enterprises who want to move from Ulaanbaatar and settle in rural areas.

During the meeting, the relevant ministers were instructed to create a legal framework to improve the working and living conditions of people who migrated from Ulaanbaatar to rural areas and support local enterprises and organizations within the framework of the “Vision-2050” long-term development policy, Government Action Plan for 2020 through 2024 and New Revival Policy.

Cabinet tasked the provincial governors to establish a working group to provide better working and living conditions for migrants and finance a certain percentage of projects, programs and investments. Minister of Economy and Development Ch.Khurelbaatar was also ordered to provide the methodology and unified management for the creation of a digital platform for integrated information, management and regulation of migration for migrant citizens, enterprises, organizations and investors, while Minister of Digital Development and Communications N.Uchral will take measures to create the digital platform.

Moreover, Cabinet assigned Minister of Labor and Social Protection T.Ayursaikhan to register the integrated information of local workplaces in the e-job system and Chief Cabinet Secretary D.Amarbayasgalan to provide relevant information and support.

The government announced that it will gradually resolve the issue of housing infrastructure in rural areas, reduce the mortgage interest rate to 3 percent for housing in rural areas only, raise the salary of the local public administration employees from 20 to 100 percent based on their performance and move factories and warehouses from the capital city to rural areas. Accordingly, Cabinet plans to provide tax support to enterprises that have built new real estate properties and increased employment in rural areas.

Darkhan-Uul, Dornod, Dornogovi, Umnugovi, Selenge and Orkhon provinces collect revenue from the state budget while others receive subsidies from the state budget. In the future, the government will support investments aimed at generating budget revenue.

Misheel Lkhasuren