House fire kills 2 children

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The National Emergency Management Agency reported that two girls, aged four and one, died in a home fire in Denj bag of Sumber soum, Govisumber Province on March 18. A four-walled ger caught fire at 2:28 p.m. and the emergency officials of the province were not able to save the two girls.

On that day, the Emergency Department of Govisumber Province extinguished three tons of raw coal burning in private yard in Khonkhor bag of Sumber soum.

On the same day, emergency workers extinguished a burning yard in Yesunbulag soum of Govi-Altai Province, home fire in Bor-Undur soum of Khentii Province; home and stockyard fire in Orkhon soum of Selenge Province, an apartment fire in Enkhjin Town, 11th khoroo of Khan-Uul District, and a home fire in Darkhan soum of Darkhan-Uul Province.

The police warned the public to be cautious and ensure the safety of their home.

In addition, a wildfire from Russian territory crossed over the Mongolian border in Bayan-Uul soum of Dornod Province on March 18. Some 12 emergency officials, 10 vehicles, 36 residents of Bayan-Uul and Tsagaan-Ovoo soum, and 25 soldiers worked for five hours to put out the fire, which spread through 3,250 hectares of area.

Enkhnaranjav Tumurbaatar