Humanity and Nature

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  • Mar 25,2016
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_ET7040_ET7056 _ET7054_ET7044Z.Tumenjarga_ET7049l hopes to show the relationship between humans and nature with “Sky Mongolia”, the artist’s third solo endeavor,which is on view at Blue Moon Art Gallery through April 3. The exhibition features artwork that combines modern and traditional elements. “The negative impacts of globalization, urbanization, and the rapid development of technology are separating humans from nature and the earth. We’re forgetting the benefits and impacts of our five livestock, organic raw materials, and home remedies. We’ve forgotten how, when, and what we use these things for, and we’re moving further away from them. Diseases have increased as we have drawn from nature, and the intervention of technology in daily connections and conversations are one of the sources of negative incidents in society.I think you can see the benefits of organic products and how they are works of art,” the artist said. Approximately 10 mixed media works incorporating animal bones, wood, rocks, and garments are presented in the exhibition. By using materials sourced directly from nature, he skillfully depicts the relationship between man and nature. “I wanted to show that the link between humans and nature can never be broken, and show the importance of loving and preserving nature,” said Z.Tumenjargal. Z.Tumenjargal graduated from the State University of Arts and Culture in 2009. He won the opportunity to present this 10-day exhibition at Blue Moon Art Gallery after winning an competition organized by the gallery in November 2015.