International Children’s Day events scheduled for UB

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  • May 30,2016
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Marking International Children's Day on Wednesday, June 1, the following events will be organized across the city. The Ulaanbaatar Education Office is organizing Children's Day events this year. A 1,000-child parade and a 2,000-child gymnastics show will take place at Chinggis Square. Five hundred children will perform State Honored composer N.Jantsannorov's "Mongol Ayalguu" (Mongol Melody) on the morin khuur (horse-headed fiddle), and 500 children will play a flute performance of State Honored composer Ts.Namsraijav's "Khaluun Elgen Nutag". Opening speakers will present the results of the Talent, Book, and Teacher programs implemented in the state's core education reform project. A special program is being organized for disabled children and children living in poverty by the Authority of Children and Family Development of the Ulaanbaatar Mayor's Office. Tours of the city's vocational training centers will take place for 128 children from ages eight to 18. It is also organizing the Magical Bus Tour at the National Amusement Park, a special day for 150 children who had experienced domestic violence. Joyful Children will be performed at the Mongolian Children's Palace for the children of Ulaanbaatar’s Public Service Union staff and children from families living below the poverty line.