J.Erdenebat takes oath to Parliament

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During the parliamentary plenary session on March 18, lawmaker J.Erdenebat took oath to Parliament, and his mandate was ratified.

       Lawmaker B.Purevdorj requested to postpone J.Erdenebat’s oath taking. However, Speaker G.Zandanshatar reminded that the issue of changing the order of the agenda should be submitted a day prior.

President Kh.Battulga said, “J.Erdenbat’s case has not been resolved by the court. Parliament is no longer a representative of the minority. The former prime minister must have thought carefully about whether to take the oath. You can postpone this oath ceremony yourself.”

On January 15, the Supreme Court annulled the verdict of the primary and appellate courts regarding J.Erdenebat’s corruption case and decided to return it to the prosecutor for further investigation. In accordance with Article 22.1-3 of the Criminal Code, J.Erdenebat was found guilty of embezzlement of land belonging to license No. XV-020922 in Gurvantes soum, Umnugovi Province while serving as prime minister.

Moreover, lawmaker J.Munkhbat was appointed as chairman of the Standing Committee on State Structure with 71.8 percent approval during the session. Former Chairman of the standing committee L.Enkh-Amgalan was appointed as minister of education and science.

      In connection with the appointment, some lawmakers expressed their views. Particularly, parliamentarian Sh.Adishaa said, “The Standing Committee on State Structure is Parliament’s policy-making committee. The standing committee is considering the Law on the Presidential Election and Law on Political Parties. I want the committee to be very responsible. Constitutional amendments are exacerbating the problems facing the Mongolian government.”

Emphasizing that he was not surprised by the appointment of the chairman of the standing committee, independent lawmaker N.Altankhuyag said, “The capital city is divided into districts and khoroos. The khoroos may have a section. The state system of Mongolia is being destroyed. 62 members of the Mongolian People’s Party are working on it. This is wrong. Mongolians did not choose 62 people unanimously.”

“The legislature must protect the Constitution. The Constitutional Court is under an influence. We need to pay attention to this issue and change the law,” lawmaker T.Dorjkhand said.

Lawmaker G.Munkhtsetseg said, “Due to natural disaster, Dundgovi Province was severely damaged. More than 1.7 million livestock have died. The standing committee should pay attention to this situation. There may be a natural disaster in the future. I ask the standing committee to pay attention to reducing this damage.”

In addition, a draft resolution on amending the resolution was approved, and the date of the by-election in Songinokhairkhan District was set for October 10, 2021.

Last year, it was decided to hold a by-election in conjunction with the 2021 presidential election. However, the General
Election Commission proposed to change the polling day, stating that it is difficult to hold a by-election with a presidential election on the same day, which are governed by two separate laws.

D.Sumiyabazar, who was elected to Parliament from Songinokhairkhan District to Parliament, was appointed as Ulaanbaatar mayor and resigned from the legislature. Therefore, a by-election is to be held in the district to fill the vacant seat in Parliament.

During the session, Speaker of Parliament G.Zandanshatar gave a congratulatory address for the 100th anniversary of
the establishment of the modern Armed Forces.

Misheel Lkhasuren