J.Erdenebat’s  final Cabinet nominations approved

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  • Aug 01,2016
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On Saturday, parliamentarians discussed the Mongolian People’s Party’s nominations for the heads of the four ministries that were being overseen by acting ministers and approved the nominations of General Secretary of the Federation of Mongolian Horse Racing Sport and Trainers P.Sergelen for Minister of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry; former Ulaanbaatar Mayor G.Munkhbayar for Minister of Construction and Urban Development; Chairman of the National Dermatology Center A.Tsogsetseg for Minister of Health; and economist P.Gankhuu for the Minister of Energy. The Cabinet of Prime Minister J.Erdenebat is to operate with 13 ministries and 16 ministers, with seven ministers holding seats in Parliament and nine ministers appointed from outside Parliament. Minister of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry P.Sergelen: sergelenGeneral Secretary of the Federation of Mongolian Horse Racing Sport and Trainers P.Sergelen graduated from the Finance and Economics Institute, and studied professional training to study livestock gene pools, livestock registration management, development policy for small and medium-sized enterprises, and information technology in the United States, Hong Kong, Italy, and Singapore. He was the General Director of the cultivation company Buudain Ur from 2010 to 2014. Parliamentary members advised P.Sergelen to focus on vaccination production issues, recalling that state-owned Biocombinat only produces enough vaccines for only 30 percent of the nation's livestock population; to expand livestock raw material markets; to pay attention to exporting Mongolian livestock; and to create factories based on animal husbandry. They also reminded the newly appointed minister of demands to establish livestock processing workshops in provincial soums to carry out the first stage of raw material processing in provinces, as the cost of livestock raw materials has dropped by 80 percent since 2012. Presenting the minister’s seal, Prime Minister J.Erdenebat stressed, “The action plan of the ruling MPP says that the agriculture sector will be one of the priorities of Mongolia. We will adhere to a policy to improve the lives of Mongolians by developing the agriculture sector. The action plan of the Cabinet is to be approved soon. Hereby, the state of Mongolia is giving you strong accountability, trusting in you to develop the sector by proposing many provisions to the Cabinet’s action plan related to agriculture.” Minister P.Sergelen promised to make radical policy and functional reforms to the ministry. Construction and Urban Development Minister G.Munkhbayar MunkhbayarPrime Minister J.Erdenebat told newly appointed Minister G.Munkhbayar that he wants the dysfunctions of the construction sector to be fixed, and to make substantial contributions to the development of the sector by carrying out various measures to intensify the construction sector's  development. A graduate of Ural Polytechnical University in Sverdlovsk, Russia, G.Munkhbayar (52) is a  former Ulaanbaatar Mayor. Minister of Health Tsogtsetseg TsogtsetsegFormer Health and Sports Minister S.Lambaa wished success to the newly appointed Minister A.Tsogtsetseg defining her as a person who can lead the health sector excellently, recalling her previous success and leadership in the field. “As a person who acknowledges the achievements and errors of the health sector, and the operations and structure of the health sector, it is essential to start my duties promptly,” said the minister, noting that she is receiving a great responsibility in becoming not only the head of the health sector but also the Health Minister for three million Mongolians. Parliamentarians advised A.Tsogtsetseg to implement the Healthy Mongolian Citizen program, to pay attention to specializing and improving the skills of doctors, and to commission hospital buildings facing incomplete construction. A.Tsogtsetseg has been working in healthcare for over 30 years. An alumnus of the National University of the Health Sciences, A.Tsogtsetseg became the Chairman of the National Dermatology Center in 2003. Energy Minister P.Gankhuu gankhuuEconomist Gankhuu obtained an Master of Arts degrees in economics from Sydney University and Senshu University of Japan. Having rich experience working on energy projects and programs, P.Gankhuu is considered to be a specialized, skillful individual who has worked in the finance and investment department of the former Petroleum and Energy Ministry and served as acting chairman of Energy Authority.