John Kerry visits Mongolia for official negotiations

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  • Jun 06,2016
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U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry paid an official visit to Mongolia on June 5, at the invitation of Minister of Foreign Affairs L.Purevsuren, to hold official negotiations. Minister L.Purevsuren and Secretary Kerry started their meeting underlining that mutual relations and cooperation between the two countries are intensifying to a comprehensive partnership level, and the frequency of state and high-level meetings are increasing. The parties discussed and exchanged views on political, defense, economic, regional, and international cooperation between Mongolia and the U.S. Minister L.Purevsuren underlined that the U.S. is an important "third neighbor" to Mongolia, and thanked the U.S. for supporting Mongolia’s democratic reforms from the very beginning. The minister said that even though the political and defense sector collaboration between the two countries has been developing intensively, economic cooperation isn’t strong enough. L.Purevsuren and Kerry shared views on possibilities for cooperating in the agriculture and renewable energy sectors. L.Purevsuren pointed out that the first compact from the Millennium Challenge Corporation was crucial in developing collaboration between citizens of Mongolia and the U.S., and noted that the decision to provide additional aid to Mongolia will be important for improving Mongolia’s development and citizens' lives. Minister L.Purevsuren proposed the mutual easing of travel conditions between the countries. Secretary Kerry underlined that Mongolia is a country which has not only peacefully adopted democracy, but serves as a good example of democracy for other countries. Kerry said that he is pleased that the Millennium Challenge Corporation is going to implement its second round of aid to Mongolia. The Secretary of State underlined that Mongolia and the U.S. need to take real measures and steps to intensify economic cooperation.