Judagt Mongol Union organizes ‘Union of All People’ gathering

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  • Apr 01,2016
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Judagt Mongol Union organized a gathering under the banner “Union of All People” on March 30 at Victory Square to “have their voices heard” and submitted a draft amendment to the Law on Election to the President and Parliament. The Associated Press reported that over 2,000 demonstrated in a “rare public protest over foreign mining recessions in Ulaanbaatar”. According to the organizers, it was a gathering, and not a protest. Approximately 400 people attended the gathering in Ulaanbaatar. Head of Judagt Mongol Union J.Gombojav said that they organized the gathering for three main reasons. “Firstly, we’re gathering for independence, unity, and national security. Secondly, for policy makers who listen to the public’s voices, and lastly, we’re fighting to leave our country in one piece for our future generations,” said J.Gombojav. The gathering was not only organized in Ulaanbaatar but also in Darkhan, Erdenet, Govi-Altai, Khentii, and Tuv provinces at the same time. The gathering was attended by economists, sportsmen, and politicians and representatives from over 50 unions and NGOs, including the Federation of Senior Citizens of Mongolia, Mongolian Women’s Federation, and Mongolian Democratic Union. Head of the Mongolian Democratic Union and Parliament member Kh.Battulga, and Parliament members L.Erdenechimeg and G.Uyanga, attended the gathering. “It’s been 26 years since these democrats promised the public to catch the ‘bird of happiness’. But these people who were talking about catching the bird have been caught themselves. The people who have promised to construct a paradise have failed our country. Hundreds of people’s hopes have been squashed. The country is stuck in a deep debt swamp. The country is going to end up empty. They have showed us how not to take care of a country in the last 26 years. All of our money is dedicated to solving internal conflicts. “There’s no nationalism without the unity of herders and planters today. We have to develop nationalism with democracy,” said MP G.Uyanga during the gathering. Judagt Mongol Union encouraged the public to make the right choice and vote for a candidate who cares for the public in the upcoming election. The union submitted a draft amendment to the Law on Election to President Ts.Elbegdorj and Parliament. The amendment hopes to abolish the article that chooses 28 members of Parliament from closed party lists and end the use of vote counting machines.