Kh.Battulga’s former assistant addresses letter to President from jail

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  • Mar 30,2016
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MP Kh.Battulga’s former assistant G.Tuvshinjargal, who is currently being held in custody for suspected involvement in the Ukhaakhudag-Gashuunsukhait railway project embezzlement case, sent a letter to President Ts.Elbegdorj on March 25, concerning the President’s “biased” statement. In her letter, G.Tuvshinjargal said that she served the Democratic Party and the “democratic President” and that she has supported them since she was able to vote. “I’m writing this letter as I heard from my lawyer that you said ‘Poison and theft should not hide behind mother’s white milk’. I don’t understand how you know that I’m hiding poison and theft with my white milk. I wasn’t found guilty and nor have I committed a crime; but it seems to me that it’s already decided that I will be accused and sentenced because the democratic President that I have been serving for is now proclaiming me as a ‘criminal’,” wrote G.Tuvshinjargal. She also claimed that the state is violating her child’s rights. “I am truly offended to be a sacrifice in a false charge for the democracy that I’ve supported. “I don’t see any other options but to declare a hunger strike to fight against this cruelty. You will probably say again that we don’t have to care. Mongolia is a member of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Children. From what I remember, the convention states, “A country has to support and take all measures to not separate a mother and a child’. Today, my child’s rights are being violated in her home country, and she is being punished at such a young age for a crime her mother didn’t commit.” G.Tuvshinjargal said that she is a victim of those who are trying to sell of the country for quick money. “Protector of the people’s unity and parent to many, President of Mongolia! I am being repressed and separated from my baby, imprisoned for a crime I didn’t commit. They’ve sacrificed and forced a false charge on me, a regular state servant, in their fight. Political and business groups who are trying to trade their country for wealth are using the law enforcement to beat the ones who tried to stop them. “This is really just an imitation of democracy’,” G.Tuvshinjargal concluded. G.Tuvshinjargal was arrested on March 16 under Criminal Code Clause 148.4, a class one felony. On March 18, the Bayanzurkh, Sukhbaatar and Chingeltei District primary courts ruled to keep her in custody for two more weeks regardless of her status as a nursing mother. She is currently being held in custody at the General Executive Agency of Court Decisions’ Detention Center No.461. Source: