EU to provide 50.8 million EUR in budget support and assistance

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During its regular meeting on April 22, the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Security and Foreign Affairs met to discuss bill and agreements up for parliamentary review.

At the beginning of the meeting, the approval of the draft agreement on tax and customs regulation of Mongolia for the projects financed by the European Development Fund and the general budget of the European Union was introduced by Minister of Finance Ch.Khurelbaatar.

Minister Ch.Khurelbaatar said, “In 2015, the government of Mongolia and the European Commission established the National General Program for cooperation for 2014-2020, in this context the European Union provided 65 million EUR in funding. A total of three projects have been implemented under the grant, and the sides have agreed to receive the remainder of the grant in the amount of approximately 50.8 million EUR in the form of budget support and technical assistance. The draft agreement aims to exempt customs and other taxes imposed on the project activities.”

The draft agreement received 61.5 percent approval from the members of the standing committee.

Amendments to Law on Armed Forces supported

During the meeting, Minister of Defense N.Enkhbold introduced the amendments to the Law on Armed Forces.

“There are requirements to establish the legal basis for the Cyber Security Center, to create a unit in the structure of the armed forces of Mongolia, to protect the cyber space of the defense sector, and to legislate the legal regulation,” the minister said.

Lawmakers J.Enkhbayar, B.Bat-Erdene and T.Ayursaikhan expressed their views on the amendments.

The amendments to the Law on Armed Forces had 66.7 percent approval from the members of the standing committee and was forwarded to Parliament.

Czech to provide welfare to Mongolian repatriates

In addition, the bill on agreement between Mongolia and Czech on cooperation in social protection sector was discussed.

Introducing the bill, Minister of Labor and Social Protection S.Chinzorig said, “During their stay in the Czech Republic, Mongolian citizens are entitled to short-term social insurance and receive employment-related benefits, medical treatment and services. However, there are no legal provisions for receiving benefits for paid premiums upon returning to the home country. The ratification of this agreement will improve the social security of Mongolians who live and work in the Czech Republic, granting them access to various welfare and pension.”

The majority of the members supported the bill on agreement. Lawmaker A.Undraa will introduce the bill during the session.

Some projects will be implemented in the environment sector

Then, Minister of Environment and Tourism N.Tserenbat introduced the bill on agreement between the government of Mongolia and Green Climate Fund (GCF).

The minister noted that in the first quarter of 2020, GCF approved a total of seven investment projects, including a project to establish a green loan fund. In addition, six projects have been implemented under the Readiness Program and two projects have been submitted for approval.

Lawmakers A.Undraa, B.Bat-Erdene, S.Batbold and N.Oyundari expressed their views on the bill.

The bill was supported by the majority of the members. Lawmaker N.Oyundari will introduce the proposals and conclusion on the bill during the plenary session.

Misheel Lkhasuren