Largest solar power plant in the country launches operations

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As reported by the Energy Regulatory Committee, the largest solar power plant in the country (located in Darkhan) has started a trial run and has began supplying electricity to the city’s main electricity grid. The ten-megawatt power station was built in Darkhan by Solar Power International, in cooperation with the Japanese multinational corporations Sharp and Shigemitsu Shoji. Early estimates suggest that the plant will produce 15.2 million kWh annually for the regional power grid. Officials noted that the solar power plant will help to eliminate 15 million tons of greenhouse gases from being released into the atmosphere through the consumption of coal. The plant is home to 32,000 solar batteries, and most of its equipment was supplied by the German company SMA Solar Technology AG and the Swedish company ABB. The Head of the Energy Regulatory Committee, A.Tleikhan, said of the power plant, “We are pleased to be starting operations for the largest solar power plant in the country and opening up a new chapter in the development of energy. The effectiveness and the reliability of this power plant will decide the fates of future solar projects.”

Chintushig Boldsukh