Latest-technology food factory launches

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        On September 13, “Makh Impex” JSC, Mongolia’s oldest food factory with a 77-year history, has expanded its production quality and standards in 2023 and put into operation a new factory that meets world standards. In relations to the project carried out with BERTSCHLaska group from Austria, they received the keys to their new factory from the company. 

Deputy Minister of Food, Agriculture, and Light Industry M.Gankhuleg and Head of Department of Food Factory Policy Implementation D.Dovchinsuren took part in the opening ceremony and got acquainted with the new Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) factory.

The factory, which introduces not only modern equipment but also new standards, is the fourth high-standard factory opened in Asia. The new plant has the capacity to produce 50 tons of products per day such as, sausages, salami, semi-finished, smoked, and frozen products (dumplings, buuz, pizza, Asian fast food, and so on).

In addition, Makh Impex will implement a project of building a refrigerated warehouse for food with a budget of 150 billion MNT, as well as a 40-ton capacity meat thawing and sorting plant with BERTSCHLaska.

Makh Impex is an enterprise that participates in the revolving loan program implemented within the framework of Parliament Resolution No. 36, expanding its activities, increasing the variety of products, uses advanced techniques and technologies in its production, and pays great attention to product quality and safety.

Amarjargal Munkhbat