Legal Standing Committee rejects court decision over special election and president’s veto on amended law

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  • Jun 06,2019
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Parliament’s Legal Standing Committee (LSC) on June 5 rejected a Constitutional Court decision over the cancelation of the Khentii special election and the president’s veto on the amended version of the Administrative General Law.

Four citizens filed a complaint about the upcoming Khentii special election to the Constitutional Court as they believe that organizing this election will violate the Constitution. In response to the complaints, the Constitutional Court met on May 27 to review the issues, and ruled that the procedures for organizing the upcoming special election are in violation of the Constitution.

According the court ruling, the budget for the election will be funded through the Government Reserve Fund, which violates the Constitution.

Some lawmakers in attendance said that several local special elections that took place in recent years through funds of the Government Reserve Fund, but the Constitutional Court ruled that funding a special election through the reserve fund was in violation of the Constitution, which seems that the court ruled in favor of someone or a party.

The standing committee members also rejected the president’s veto on the amended version of the Administrative General Law as they believe that the amended law will help the government accelerate key projects and implement crucial decisions for promoting progress in the nation’s development.

The lawmakers believe that as the Administrative Court sometimes intervenes in the government’s operations, the progresses for the country’s development are being delayed.

However, the president explained that the changes to the law violate key principles of the Constitution.