License plate limitations will not apply throughout July 10 to 13

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  • Jul 10,2016
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Traffic Police Department made statement that license plate number limitations will not apply on July 10 to 13 on the occasion of Naadam Festival. Railbus on travel to Khui Doloon Khudag during Naadam festival During Naadam holidays, on July 10 to 14, Railbus is available on route from Dunjingarav Trade Center and Dund gol railbus stations (south to Urbanek company building) to Khui Doloon Khudag, horse riding field of Naadam. In addition, some five buses will serve naadam observers free of charge from Railbus station in Khui Doloon khudag to horse racing finish line. Total of 714 buses will be on service during Naadam holidays: 660 larger buses in 82 directions, 49 smaller buses in 49 sub-directions and 5 large buses to 3 directions of summer camps. Some 59 buses will be on duty to the Misheel Expo center for the people who want to visit the Central Stadium. Some 15 buses will travel from Dunjingarav Trade center and Misheel Expo center to the Central Stadium in every 4 minutes.