Long line to enter Chinggis Khaan museum

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From March 1 to 5, the Ministry of Culture is organizing “Open Museum days” and state-owned museums are working free for the citizens.

The project is to promote the national history, culture, and heritage. For example, in the Chinggis Khaan Museum, a special photo exhibition “History of the Establishment of the Chinggis Khaan National Museum”, the opening of the first day of stamps on the theme “Precious Gems”, the printing of symbolic antelopes, printing of deer stone statues, and the Sun and Moon of the Huns can be seen.

On the second day of the museum, there was a long list of people waiting to enter the Chinggis Khaan museum. The museum launched for the first time in October 2022 and the price of the museum ticket varied from 15,000 to 30,000 MNT. The prices for children aged under 16 are free but prices for the elderly and people with disabilities are 15,000 MNT.

However, the annual project has allowed citizens to enter eight museums in the capital for free. For more information, the Ministry of Culture reports that, on the first day of the project, 8,500 people visited the museum, saw a special exhibition on national history, culture, heritage, traditions, and customs, and participated in educational programs.

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