Major intersections in UB to allow right turns on red light

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  • Oct 05,2016
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Ulaanbaatar Traffic Police Department is set to test a new traffic rule which will allow drivers to turn right on red light on October 10. The traffic police will test the new rule at the busiest intersections in Ulaanbaatar, which are the Western and Eastern central intersections, Sapporo intersection and the intersection in front of Geser Monastery. According to the traffic police, drivers will be able to turn right at the above-mentioned intersections on red light. According to a survey by the traffic police, 95 percent of drivers supported the new rule. The traffic police said that if the new rule is proven effective in decreasing traffic congestion, it will be permanently adopted throughout the capital. Drivers favor the new rule as they do not have to wait for the traffic light to turn green to make a right turn. According to a study by the Traffic Police Department, allowing drivers to turn right at crossroads on red light reduces traffic load by 20 percent. Ulaanbaatar has 142 intersections.