‘March’ special training launches

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The “March” special training and competition named after President of Mongolia and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces U.Khurelsukh is being held at the Mongolian Armed Forces Training Center.

It aims to improve the physical development of Mongolians, extend the average life expectancy of the population, promote good health, educate children and youth through physical education and sports, and prevent them from developing harmful habits.

More than 800 officers from 12 government military and law enforcement agencies are taking part in the competition. Athletes will be tested for pre-start operations, hand-to-hand combat, demonstration performances, normative preparation, and object shooting. The use of new shooting equipment has been added to the competition this year.

Chief of Staff of the President’s Office Ya.Sodbaatar, Adviser to the President on Security and Defense Policy Ts.Togoo, State Secretary of the Ministry of Defense D.Gankhuyag, Chief of the General Staff of the Mongolian Armed Forces D.Ganzorig and other officials participated in the opening of the event. Ya.Sodbaatar said that the competition is important for improving the physical fitness and capacity of officers responsible for defending the independence and integrity of the country and protecting society.

Enkhnaranjav Tumurbaatar