Mayor S.Batbold submits his resignation letter to U.Khurelsukh

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  • Nov 28,2018
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During a meeting of the Mongolian People’s Party (MPP) board held on November 12, Chairman of MPP U.Khurelsukh asked for the dismissal of Mayor of Ulaanbaatar S.Batbold to the party caucus, and the caucus accepted to review the matter.

U.Khurelsukh believes that Mayor of Ulaanbaatar S.Batbold should step down for his inactive efforts in measures for reducing air pollution in Ulaanbaatar and for implementing the capital’s action plan from 2016 to 2020.

Under the Law on Administrative and Territorial Units and Their Governance, the capital city’s council must review the prime minister’s petition within 15 days, and the council met to review U.Khurelsukh’s proposal on the mayor’s dismissal on November 23.

During the November 23 meeting, the Democratic Party (DP) caucus in the council took a break until Prime Minister U.Khurelsukh attends the council’s meeting to provide an explanation.

Representative of DP in the council and former Mayor of Ulaanbaatar E.Bat-Uul stated, “The prime minister’s request for the capital’s mayor’s dismissal has happened only once in the history of the capital’s administration when a prime minister and mayor were elected from different political parties, but something like today’s case never happened before. As Ulaanbaatar residents elected the capital city council’s representatives, we are public representatives, so we have rights to question the prime minister on the ongoing matter regarding the mayor’s dismissal, which is why the caucus will take a break until the premier attends the council’s meeting.”

Caucus chairman of MPP in the council S.Munkhchuluun said that as the council will be discussing the capital’s budget soon, the DP caucus’s break must not be longer than 14 days.

A meeting of the council was scheduled to take place on November 27 but was postponed to another date as the DP caucus took a break.

Deputy Secretary of Cabinet U.Byambasuren attended the meeting by representing Prime Minister U.Khurelsukh, but the DP caucus demanded U.Khurelsukh to participate in the council’s meeting.

Mayor S.Batbold submitted his resignation letter to the prime minister. He requested U.Khurelsukh to dismiss him on December 10 after the capital’s budget has been adopted.