Minimum standard of living jumps 7.5%

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The National Statistics Office has approved a new National Minimum Standard of Living for 2020, which incorporates up to 7.5 percent rises depending on region.

The report is released annually to determine the minimum amount of wage for people to lead a decent quality of life in each part of the country. It basically is a minimum entitlement to food, clothing and housing at an adequate level.

This year, Ulaanbaatar’s standard of living was highest at 230,000 MNT a month, followed by Khangai and western regions reaching 206,000 MNT and 203,400 MNT respectively. The regions with the lowest minimum living standard were the central region at 198,300 MNT and eastern region at 201,700 MNT.

By growth rate, the minimum standard of living increase the most in the eastern region by 14,100 MNT, or 7.5 percent. On the other hand, Ulaanbaatar’s rose the least at 12,100 MNT, or 5.6 percent. The minimum standard of living increased by 12,700 MNT (6.6 percent) in western region, by 11,800 MNT (6.1 percent) in Khangai region, and 11,200 MNT (six percent) in the central region.

Minimum living standard by region (2018-2020)

Dulguun Bayarsaikhan