Mongolia and China considers waste-to-energy partnership

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A waste processing facility in MongoliaThe Mongolian Academy of Science exchanged opinion in regards to building a waste-to-energy plant with China Tianying Company on Monday.

The Chinese side introduced their technology which generates energy in the form of electricity from the primary treatment of waste. They said that energy produced in this manner is clean and renewable and that they have already proposed the plant project to the president’s advisors and the Ministry of Environment, Green Development and Tourism.

“Like many other countries, China now believes that renewable energy can be produced from waste processing. Scientific organizations must propose this idea to decision-makers,” a Chinese representative stated

China Tianying estimates that Mongolia has potential to generate 10 megawatts of energy from processing 500 to 1,000 tons of waste. Mongolia doesn’t have to spend a single penny in this project as long as the Ulaanbaatar Mayor’s Office authorizes it, the Chinese side noted.

At the meeting, President of the Mongolian Academy of Science B.Regdel said, “We’re presently mainly focused on challenges attributed by air pollution. But pollution from waste is as serious and harmful as air pollution because our country buries all of its waste. Buried waste not only rots underground and produces toxic gas but can also pollute underground water resources.”

He stressed the importance of the city administration and government getting advice from scientific organizations on waste management projects based on the world’s top technologies. B.Regdel strongly pushed forward the establishment of a waste-to-energy plant in Mongolia.

“There are many scientists who research waste management solutions for Mongolia. We have many research works already ready,” B.Regdel stated.

Daariimaa Batnasan