Mongolia claims the team silver medal at Sumo World Championships 2016

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  • Aug 03,2016
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Amateur sumo wrestlers from 23 countries competed at the Sumo World Championships 2016, held at Buyant-Ukhaa Sports Palace on July 30 and 31, and Mongolian wrestlers claimed the team silver medal. Male and female athletes competed in team and individual categories. In the men’s team competition, teams from 18 countries participated. The Russian men’s team beat the Mongolian team 3:0 and became the gold medal winners, followed by Mongolia, Ukraine, and Japan. The Mongolian men’s team put B.Turbold, O.Usukhbayar, and U.Byambajav against the Russian team for the final matches for gold. In the women’s team category, teams from 11 countries competed, and the Russian team won the gold medal, followed by Mongolia, Japan, and Ukraine. The Russian team won its seventh championship title. In the individual category, Mongolian athletes won two gold, one silver, and three bronze medals.B.Turbold andKh.Sunjidmaa took gold medals. O.Munkhtsetseg secured a silver medal, and U.Byambajav, B.Badral, and B.Batchimeg seized bronze medals. Kh.Sumjidmaa became a two-time world champion, the first female sumo wrestler to do so.