Mongolian diplomats named in Poland’s call for arrests

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On October 1, Parliament Standing Committee on Security and Foreign Policy held a meeting during which its head T.Ayursaikhan announced Poland’s list of suspected Mongolian criminals – and noted there are Mongolian high-level diplomats and civil servants included in the list of 69 Mongolian natives wanted by Polish authorities.

The Standing Committee on Security and Foreign Policy has previously held two closed meetings in regards to illegal drug trafficking. These meetings were closed to the public due to discussions revolving around Mongolian convicts serving in prison in foreign countries. As a result of these meetings, the standing committee issued a decree for Cabinet to take necessary cooperation measures with authorities abroad.

The countries in which Mongolian diplomats were apprehended with illegal drug substances requested these officials be removed from their positions immediately. T.Ayursaikhan stated six of the requests are carried out and said these individuals were relieved of their posts. These officials include diplomats who served in Mongolian consulates in Belgium, Poland, China, Turkey, and Hong Kong at the time of their arrests.

Byambadorj Badrakh