MP B.Batzorig receives member of South Korean National Assembly

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Member of Parliament and Head of Mongolia-South Korea parliamentary group B.Batzorig received delegation led by Won Yu Chol, a member of the National Assembly of South Korea. The meeting focused on the upcoming 19th Asia-Pacific inter-parliamentary international conference on the environment and development, scheduled to be held from October 28 to 30 in Ulaanbaatar.

As the head of inter-parliamentary cooperation group between the two countries, B.Batzorig expressed his praise for their successful diplomatic relationship, and noted next year will mark Mongolia and South Korea’s 30th anniversary of diplomatic ties.

“There are over 30,000 Mongolian natives living and working in South Korea, and about 3,000 South Korean natives are working and studying in Mongolia. This, and the fact that our countries now conduct direct flights is a testament to the growth of our friendly diplomatic relationship,” said B.Batzorig. He added the future of two countries will be strengthened with the implementation of various cooperation agreements.

Assembly member Won Yu Chol expressed his appreciation for the generous hospitality of Mongolian representatives, and gave a brief on part of South Korean involvement in the inter-parliamentary conference to be held next month.

Chol said, “On this meeting, we have prepared to focus on environmental rehabilitation, climate change and air pollution. Out of 55 countries in the Asia-Pacific region, 46 of them have joined as members of this conference.”

The conference is held every two years and on its 18th occasion held in South Korea, MP O.Baasankhuu represented Mongolia, and gave a presentation titled “Economy and Environment”, and was chosen as the deputy chair of the conference.

Byambadorj Badrakh