MP D.Gantulga ignores prosecutor’s summons

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Supervisory attorney of the Ulaanbaatar Prosecutors’ Office S.Byasman clarified some things about the rape case of Member of Parliament D.Gantulga. Last week, the General Prosecutors’ Office determined that the semen stains found on clothing and bed sheets  at victim’s home matched D.Gantulga’s DNA test. Considering this as sufficient evidence, the case was reopened with additional charges of bribing state workers.  Why did the Prosecutors’ Office take charge of D.Gantulga’s case?  A criminal case was opened following Ch.Naranzaya’s report about rape. The Bayanzurkh District Police Department investigated the case. In relation to this case, a report was made about employees of the National Institute of Judicial Examination forging test results and the Sukhbaatar District Police Department was assigned to the case. These two cases are linked to each other, so naturally, having two different departments work on them separately made it difficult to process them quickly. Therefore, it was decided that the Independent Agency Against Corruption and General Police Department will assign a joint team to investigate the case. In this sense, the investigation is underway under the supervision of the Prosecutors’ Office.  How far has the case progressed? Have investigations finished?  Based on evidences gathered during investigation, a criminal case was started for MP D.Gantulga in accordance with the article on special class crimes in the Criminal Code and was summoned. The detective and prosecutor in charge called him to come multiple times to inform about the decision, but he still hasn’t showed up, using his domestic business trips and overseas work as excuse. No matter if you’re a Mongolian citizen, foreigner, stateless person living in Mongolia, an MP, or minister, he or she must show up within the specified time limit if they are summoned by a prosecutor. If they don’t, we will forcibly bring him here under the court’s decision as stated in Article 12.3 of the Law on Criminal Procedure. It’s also possible to arrest a summoned suspect if they don’t show up without an acceptable reason. The prosecutor will take necessary measures after his reasons for charge have been introduced to him.  State workers of the National Institute of Judicial Examination provided false examination results. How will this matter be handled?  Some state workers and examiners are under investigation in connection to this case. The media is spreading false information that the case has been closed and dismissed. The case was never closed. I can’t share details of the case as it is still under investigation.

Dulguun Bayarsaikhan