MPP seeks to finalize bill on courts at fall session

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On December 21, the Mongolian People’s Party (MPP) caucus in Parliament convened to discuss the bill on courts.

During the meeting, Minister of Environment and Tourism D.Sarangerel introduced major projects in environment and tourism planned from 2020 to 2024.

Chairman of the MPP caucus in Parliament D.Togtokhsuren said, “During the meeting, the caucus discussed the bill on courts. Judicial reform is a matter of great public concern. In connection with the amendments to the Constitution of Mongolia of 2019, the legal environment is being reformed. One of them is the Law on Courts. The government submitted the bill on courts to Parliament, and it was decided to discuss during the plenary session. Since the beginning of the fall session, a working group chaired by lawmaker B.Enkhbayar has been working on the bill.”

“The working group prepared its proposals and conclusions. It will be discussed by the standing committee from December 22. Therefore, before discussion of the bill, the MPP caucus discussed the main principles and made some decisions,” he continued.

“The judiciary plays an important role in establishing social justice. Therefore, the Law on Courts is being taken seriously. The members of the caucus agreed that the bill on courts should be discussed during the fall session. Second, we are getting acquainted with the presentation of major construction projects by the government and its branches, its financing and planned activities. During the last meeting, information on the development of mining, food and agriculture, energy and transportation was heard. Today, we got acquainted with the major projects and programs to be implemented in the field of environment and tourism for 2020-2024,” he added.


On the same day, the Democratic Party (DP) caucus in Parliament convened and Chairman of the caucus D.Ganbat spoke to the press after the discussion.

Noting that during the caucus meeting, nine issues were discussed, D.Ganbat said, “The minister of finance, who is chairing the working group for the purchase of COVID-19 vaccines, was summoned to provide information, but did not show up. It is not appropriate for the minister of finance to chair the working group on vaccines. In all other countries, the minister of health or the prime minister is in charge of this task. We will get more information on this issue next week as there is still not enough information.”

“During the meeting, the DP caucus received information from the minister of energy regarding the government's decision to pay for electricity, heating, garbage and water bills. Decisions were made without calculations, and then citizens were blamed. The people are being blamed for the government’s wrong decisions. Due to the cold winter this year, electricity consumption has increased. However, DP does not agree that the blame is on the people. It is very inappropriate to blame the people when family consumption is very low. According to the minister of energy, there will be no further heating or electricity shortages. Mongolia's electricity consumption has reached a level where it is a concern of national security. Proper work has not been done in this direction,” he added.

D.Ganbat highlighted that last weekend, the DP 10th Congress was held online. DP lawmaker Ts.Tuvaan said, “The DP Congress was held online last Friday. The agenda is complete. The decision to convene the DP Congress was made earlier, but had been postponed. At this meeting, changes to the party rule were discussed and approved. The new party rule will be formally implemented upon registration with the Supreme Court. Representatives of all ages, including youth and the elderly, attended the congress.”

“On December 6, DP's anniversary was celebrated. The anniversary was not celebrated on a large scale due to COVID-19. On the contrary, we decided to help low-income people during the pandemic, and organized the ‘Let's help the people of the city with sheep’ campaign. In total, more than 7,000 livestock worth more than 55 million MNT were donated. It was collected through the party's internal organizations, brought to Ulaanbaatar, packed in 5 kilogram batches at the meat processing plant, and will be handed over to low-income people in Ulaanbaatar.”

Misheel Lkhasuren