Mutton soars while beef plummets

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Meat prices are quickly rising amid the full lockdown, according to the Authority for Fair Competition and Consumer Protection’s latest inspection.

The authority inspected a total of 92 markets and stores and 12 pharmacies in Ulaanbaatar, Orkhon, Uvurkhangai and Darkhan-Uul provinces before the end of 2020. The report focused on prices of meat at Khuchit Shonkhor, one of the largest markets in Ulaanbaatar for meat trade.

As of December 31, retail prices of bone-in mutton ranged between 8,500 MNT and 8,700 MNT per kilogram, filleted mutton between 8,500 MNT and 9,000 MNT, bone-in beef at 8,000 to 10,500 MNT, filleted beef at 10,000 to 11,500 MNT, and horse and goat meet cost 8,500 MNT and 8,000 MNT per kilogram respectively. Compared to the previous day, bonein meat price rose by 400 to 500 MNT, filleted mutton by 200 MNT, and goat meat by 500 MNT. On the contrary, prices of bone-in beef and filleted beef declined by 1,000 MNT and 500 MNT, respectively.

As for wholesale prices, mutton was sold for 6,500 to 6,800 MNT per kilogram, up by up to 400 MNT, horse meat for 6,000 MNT at minimum, down by 300 MNT, and beef for 8,500 MNT at maximum, up by 500 MNT. Meat supply reportedly jumped by 4.4 tons compared to the previous day, reaching 41.4 tons.

Retail and wholesale meat prices as of December 30


Retail price

Wholesale price



8,500 to 8,700 MNT

6,500 to 6,800 MNT


8,500 to 9,000 MNT



8,000 to 10,500 MNT

8,500 to 8,800 MNT


10,000 to 11,500 MNT

Bone-in horse meat

8,500 MNT

6,000 to 6,300 MNT

Bone-in goat meat

8,000 MNT

5,000 to 5,500 MNT

Dulguun Bayarsaikhan