Nairamdal Children’s Camp to be renovated

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During its meeting on June 1, Cabinet discussed six issues related to children’s rights and the prime minister’s press representative Ch.Bolortuya reported on his decisions.

“The mayor of Ulaanbaatar was instructed to prohibit the misuse of land owned by the National Amusement Park. There are some non-purpose constructions on the property of the park. Unauthorized construction of children’s parks is prohibited in the future,” the spokeswoman said.

During the meeting, Ch.Bolortuya introduced Prime Minister L.Oyun-Erdene’s instruction to completely renovate the Nairamdal International Children’s Camp.

“The summer camp was established in 1978. Today, the building is in a difficult situation in terms of operation. Therefore, Minister of Labor and Social Welfare A.Ariunzaya and Mayor D.Sumiyabazar were instructed to completely renovate the summer camp and not to allocate additional land in the future. The construction of Nairamdal-2 summer camp is being studied and design work is underway. Earlier, it was decided to establish Nairamdal-2 summer camp in Khuvsgul Province. The prime minister also tasked to include funding for this project in the 2022 state budget,” she noted.

The Ulaanbaatar mayor was tasked to revoke the land possession rights granted to businesses in Zhukov Square in Bayanzurkh District, and redevelop them into public land. In order to reduce the workload of maternity hospitals in Ulaanbaatar, Khuree Second Maternity Hospital and the National Center for Maternal and Child Health will be completely renovated, according to Ch.Bolortuya.

“The issue of re-establishing a children and youth theater is being discussed at a Cabinet meeting. Cabinet also decided to use public and private buildings built for the development of children and youth as intended and this will be resolved through public-private partnership. In this context, facilities owned by the private sector, such as Bambaruush Cafe, will be used for their intended purpose. Bambaruush Cafe announced to the government that it will start working for children and families in September,” she added.

Misheel Lkhasuren