National Policy Committee decides to amend DP’s general rule

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The National Policy Committee (NPC) of the Democratic Party (DP) convened to discuss the DP chairship election and other issues from August 3 to 4.

During the conference, the committee decided to amend the party’s general rule to reform the party and establish a working group to draft the amendments to the rule.

Moreover, they discussed the reasons for defeat in the 2020 parliamentary election and mistakes made in the past, and decided to establish a working group to conduct a detailed analysis and research party’s activities and reasons for the last election defeat with independent professional organizations.

Deputy Head of DP Ts.Tuvaan announced his intention to elect a new chair of the party after the upcoming local election.

The NPC has scheduled a party congress for November 16 due to the COVID-19 pandemic and preparations for local election.

Ts.Tuvaan said that currently more than 10 people have applied to run for DP chair and expressed that he will not compete.

Misheel Lkhasuren