‘New Touch’

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  • Apr 13,2016
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Artist D.Ganbold’s solo exhibition “New Touch” is on view through April 22 at Valiant Art Gallery, on the second floor of Buddha Vista. Approximately 40 oil paintings are presented in the artist’s sixth solo exhibition. The artist paints in the Fauvism style, creating  animal and human portraits.   Mongol News spoke to D.Ganbold about his new exhibition during its opening on April 8.   Most of your artworks depict Mongolian culture. There are some works portraying feminine beauty. What do you usually paint?   The paintings presented are artworks I have worked on since 2008. I try not to be limited to a single subject. Of course, as a Mongolian, many of my paintings show Mongolian life.   Many of today’s guests are foreigners. How interested are they in paintings concerning Mongolian culture?   They’re very interested. Although I paint many different topics, foreigners tend to prefer the ones about Mongolian culture. It’s no wonder that things portraying the unique sides of the country they’re visiting attracts their attention. Generally, foreigners are interested in work by Mongolian artists.   Are you cooperating with Valiant Art for this exhibition?   Yes. I’m happy they are supporting me in lots of things, including promotion and sales. Usually, Mongolian artists create a lot of amazing work but can’t show a lot of people. They provide this opportunity.