New Ulaanbaatar Mayor elected

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  • Jul 08,2016
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Former Member of Parliament Su.Batbold was elected Ulaanbaatar Mayor during the first meeting of the new Ulaanbaatar Citizens' Representative Khural (City Council). City Council members also elected Ts.Sandui as Chairman of the council. Former Mayor E.Bat-Uul presented Ts.Sandui with the seal of the Chairman of the City Council. The meeting was chaired by E.Bat-Uul, who was the eldest among the 43 members of City Council who were present. A total of 286 candidates from 10 political parties, two coalitions, and four independent candidates competed in the City Council election. The MPP won 34 seats and the DP took 11 seats. Some 70.4 percent of 843,689 eligible voters cast ballots for the City Council election.