NLP demands swift budget amendment

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On June 16, the National Labor Party (NLP) reported that the party submitted a demand to the prime minister.

The party demanded to postpone the celebration of the National Naadam Festival, purchase more Pfizer vaccine with the money budgeted for the festival to vaccinate children over 12 years of age, not impose a strict lockdown in July, accelerate budget amendments, postpone unnecessary investments, and make budget amendments to focus on the target group.

General Secretary of NLP P.Ganzorig noted that Mongolia has one of the highest vaccination rate in the world, but infection rate is increasing, which is why the party submitted the demand to the prime minister.

NLP lawmaker T.Dorjkhand said, “Scientists say a mutated form of COVID-19 has entered Mongolia. This is not the time to celebrate. This can be done if the number of cases decreases. It is also important to support domestic tourism. It is estimated that 73 percent of total tourism revenue comes from domestic sources.”

“The election is over. Therefore, the budget should be amended before the spring session adjourns. However, the benefits and welfare that are valid until July 1 cannot be stopped. Children’s money is the most eye-catching. So do not reduce it directly from 100,000 MNT to 20,000 MNT. Allowances of 288,000 MNT for low-income households, orphans and people with disabilities cannot be reduced. For this reason, the budget needs to be amended. Due to the pandemic, the government has taken control of the budget. In the future, Parliament should resolve this issue and monitor it. It is important not to make populist decisions. Therefore, we need to listen carefully to the words of scientists and researchers. NLP will pay special attention to this,” he added.

Misheel Lkhasuren