‘O2’ art show illustrates brightness of the world

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Freelance artist B.Saikhanbayar has launched his “O2” solo exhibition, featuring several of his masterpieces.


The artist perpetuates his art with innovative thinking in the field of stage, screen and visual arts in Erdenet city. He held his first exhibition on May 9, 1996 under the name “Time to Come”.


His pieces reflect expressionism in an abstract form. Painter B.Saikhanbayar explains that abstract painting helps him visualize his diary. Most of his works illustrate the bright sides of life such as love and children by making use of vivid and light colors. He strives to spread joy to people through his paintings.


B.Saikhanbayar is one of the first graduates of the Visual Arts School of the “Green Horse” community.


His current exhibition is unique in that it gives viewers the pleasure of seeing, hearing and feeling everyday things in life, particularly it’s happy and joyful moments, at the same time. On the sideline of the exhibition, the “Gun Utga” art group held the “1717” poetry reading on December 17.

'Mother and Children'

Moreover, artists of the Children’s and Youth Theater of Orkhon Province performed the two-person drama “The Christmas I Met You”. Ch.Uranbileg played the role of a girl named Desdemona. She is a veteran actress who has been working at the Children’s and Youth Theater of Erdenet for 25 years. G.Misheel played the role of Othello in the play. He is currently working in the theater for the 11th year and took on the role of a stage director a few years ago.

'Children of Sun'

To see and feel positive aspects of life, stop by the Mongol Art Gallery. The “O2” exhibition will be on display through December 26.

Misheel Lkhasuren