One traffic accident can cause 38 minutes of standstill

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The First Deputy Governor of the Capital City in charge of Economy and Infrastructure, P.Sainzorig met with the representatives of the Ministry of Justice and Internal Affairs, the General Police Department, the Transportation Police Service, the Financial Regulation Committee and the Mongolian Insurance Association. The parties exchanged opinions on the participation of the insurance industry and solutions to reduce traffic jams within the framework of public-private partnership.

Of all the accidents, 71 percent occur between 08:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. in the capital city. It is estimated that a traffic accident causes traffic delays of 38 minutes on average. In other words, the average speed of the city's traffic slows down as the car involved in an accident stays on the road. The CEO of the Mongolian Insurance Association, J.Batjargal said "The insurance sector is developing certain solutions to reduce the traffic congestion which is one of the most pressing problems of the capital city. In order to reduce the call time of an insurance company when a traffic accident occurs, a technological solution called "Zuragu system" has been developed which can make the evaluation on the spot with the help of artificial intelligence. Also, the blockchain technology is implemented to determine where and what risks are occurring in Ulaanbaatar City through risk information mapping which is an integrated information system implemented in the insurance industry. Furthermore, the solution is being developed to introduce an insurance database that summarizes that information. By introducing these, it is possible to reduce the number of traffic accidents to a certain extent, quickly solve the causes of traffic accidents and be informed about the roads with risks of accidents."

Chantsalmaa Demchigkhorloo