Parliament reviews president’s performance report

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  • Feb 01,2019
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A parliamentary session in progress

During the Thursday parliamentary session, lawmakers listened to the president’s year-end performance report.

At the session, Chief of Staff to the president Z.Enkhbold reported on the works that President Kh.Battulga carried from July 10, 2017 to July 10, 2018.

The president attended parliamentary sessions eight times, vetoed resolutions and laws adopted by Parliament four times, put forward three proposals to Parliament, and discussed appointments of six high-ranking government officials with Parliament. He appointed a number of judges and accepted the resignation of several judges.

As commander in chief, the president oversaw the operations of the Ministry of Defense and the Mongolian Armed Forces regularly, and instructed their leadership to take measures regarding the national defense and security.

The president adopted a regulation that will enhance the Armed Forces’ participation in the nation’s infrastructure development.

President Kh.Battulga participated in the third Eastern Economic Forum held in Vladivostok, Russia in September 2017 and paid a state visit to Russia as a part of the forum, and took part in the 2018 Council of the Heads of State Summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, held in China last June.

During these events, the president held official talks with state heads of Russia and China, and heads of state and governments of regional countries to discuss the relations and cooperation between Mongolia and their respective countries, and exchanged views on collaboration opportunities with them.

Throughout the year, the president held more than 100 meetings with high-ranking foreign government officials who came on a state visit to Mongolia.

The president asked for the United States’ support in improving access for Mongolian textile exports to the United States and assist in bringing back offshore money of Mongolian politicians.

Z.Enkhbold noted that Mongolia started an active collaboration with the United States at the president’s request.

Under his authority as presidency, Kh.Battulga withdrew two Mongolian ambassadors and appointed four ambassadors after discussion with the government and Parliament.

The president received credentials from 26 foreign diplomatic mission heads representing their respective countries to Mongolia.

Some 62 requests for pardon were submitted to the president, and 21 were denied as they did not meet essential requirements for a presidential pardon, and the remaining 41 are under review.

President Kh.Battulga received a number of requests from people who want to change their nationalities and accepted requests of 543 citizens to change their Mongolian nationality and three people who wanted to gain Mongolian citizenship, while the rest are under review.

From January to May 2018, the president held meetings with over 22,000 residents from 21 provinces and Ulaanbaatar’s nine districts to listen to their opinions on his work performance and upcoming work.

In connection with the president’s action plan, the President’s Office held meetings, discussions and forums with government officials, experts, researchers and others over issues regarding air pollution, youth development, child violence, education, culture, science, environment, food and agriculture.