Parliament to review president’s proposal for resolving parliamentary dispute this week

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  • Jan 07,2019
  • 2030
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Secretary of Parliament Ts.Tsolmon speaks to the press about the bill

President Kh.Battulga handed over a new bill about the grounds for dismissal of the speaker of Parliament to Speaker M.Enkhbold on January 4.

The main focus of the bill is that when the majority of lawmakers demand the speaker of Parliament to resign, Parliament must review the demand.

After Kh.Battulga presented the bill  to M.Enkhbold, Chief of Staff of the president Z.Enkhbold held a briefing about the bill.

Z.Enkhbold said that the president scheduled to hand over the bill to the speaker on January 3, but the Secretariat of Parliament declined to receive the bill for the reason that the bill did not meet all essential requirements for submission.

He noted that as the President’s Office changed a term and condition for submitting the bill on January 4, it was possible for the secretariat to receive the bill.

Z.Enkhbold said, “Parliament has six different requirements for submission of a regular bill, for example, the author of the bill must deliver an electronic version of the bill to the Secretariat of Parliament and a draft of the bill must be published on the official website of Parliament for at least 15 days with open access to anyone who wants to review it. As the president believes that Parliament has to review the bill urgently to resolve the ongoing disputes facing Mongolia’s state, a parliamentary review for the bill cannot take time by being published on the website.”

The chief of staff of the president underlined that Parliament sessions have not taken place for a whole month as more than half of lawmakers boycott sessions, which shows that the president’s proposal is an urgent bill for Parliament to review.

Secretary of Parliament Ts.Tsolmon pointed out that Parliament can review 28 different bills regarding international treaties, state budget, debt, national investment program, war, development concept, formation and dissolution of Cabinet, and appointment and dismissal of Cabinet ministers without requirements for submission of a bill.

Secretary Ts.Tsolmon said, “An issue related to the dismissal of the speaker is not outlined in the list of the 28 bills, but the president asked Speaker of Parliament M.Enkhbold to review his proposal in an urgent manner, and the speaker accepted the president’s request, which is why Parliament scheduled to review this bill this week.”

Ts.Tsolmon noted, “If all lawmakers ask Parliament to review a bill proposed by him or her urgently, what will happen to Parliament and if the constitutionally defined powers (lawmakers, the president and the government) put forward a proposal to Parliament by violating the Act of Parliament and the Law on Parliamentary Procedure, it sounds like Mongolia’s state doesn’t need the law, so those bodies which have the right of legislative initiative should not violate the law in the future.”