Performance that makes you ponder about your life

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“There was no answer, except the general answer life gives to all the most complex and insoluble questions. That answer is: one must live for the needs of the day, in other words, become oblivious.” to quote from the performance I always had read and heard aboutof how the power of love was. However, atAt the very end the epic performance of the cast showed me that love can’t make right every wrong rightg. It can definitely encourageencourage you, but it showed that it took more than love to make a relationship. 

I recently watched the play Anna Karenina, a play written by Leo Tolstoy, which is being performeding at the National Academic Drama Theatre until Marchthe 12. th of this month. The play was directed by N.Naranbaatar, and produced by D.Tserensambuu. The main cast consists N.Bayarmaa as , Anna Karenina, N.Suvd as , Anna’s fate, T.Sergelen as , Alexei Vronsky, B.Jargalsaikhan as, Alexei Karenin, O.Dolgor as , Dolly Oblonskaya, D.Khulan as, Kitty Shcherbatskaya, and O.Gerelsukh as , Stephan Oblonsky. There were also renowned actors such as Ts.Bayasgalan playing , Varya Vronskaya, M.Togtokhjargal, Betsy Tverskaya, S.Bold-Erdenee, Constantine Levin, P.Tserendagva , Prince Shcherbatsky and J.Oyundari, Laby Shcherbatskaya.

At the end of the show, I had nothing but frustration left n due to Anna and Vronsky’s choices. I was truly moved and infused by the play that I couldn’t even forget about it for days to follow. This is when I realized the well written play and the choices of cast that proved to be perfect for the classic play of Anna Karenina. The main actors who played Anna and Vronsky were perfectly chosen for the play, and it seemed almost as if they were born to play this character. The gentle and soft characteristics and voices of Anna and the strong yet gentle motions Vronsky shows toward Anna was depicted just as imagined. Moreover, all the main characters had high engaging voices and were showing great emotions which attracted moved almost all the watchers.

Also, the set design was better than before, it was simple. The costume was on point with character’s emotions and mood that would change throughout each scene. The incidental musicmelody was also well put and made you feel more in connection with the characters and feel your heart out.

While there were some distracting flaws, which were the out of sync actions and acting of some background actors, it wasn’t enough to ruin the play’s rhythm.

Overall, for me, I was very engaged committed and it was a performance that captivated the audience’s heart as well. If you have the chance, I suggest you purchase to see itthe tickets as soon as possible.

Amarjargal Munkhbat