PM visits China

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On June 26, Prime Minister L.Oyun-Erdene began his official visit in China and got acquainted with the operation of Tianjin Port. PM’s visit to Tianjin port is related to the goal of connecting border ports by road and railway as part of the port revival of the New Revival Policy, as well as providing access for Mongolia to the sea. Mongolia owns 10 hectares of land in Tianjin port, and it is possible for its to have access to the sea by turning this land into a transport and logistics center. L.Oyun-Erdene proposed to the management of Tianjin Port Group to cooperate in putting Mongolian-owned land in the port into operation within one year. More than 90 percent of the cargo traffic of ports such as Zamyn-Uud, Shiveekhuren, Gashuunsukhait and Bichigt in Mongolia enters through the Tianjin port. When Mongolia puts the land in Tianjin port into operation, the bottleneck of container transportation will be removed, the turnover of goods will accelerate, the inflation of consumer goods will decrease, and the opportunity to connect with about 500 ports of more than 180 countries will be opened.

According to the management of Tianjin Port Group, sea transportation is one hundredth of the cost of air transportation, one tenth of rail transportation, and one third of road transportation. The port, which introduced automation and intelligent systems for container transportation for the first time in the world, employs 200 people for more than 1,200 jobs, and provides its energy consumption with renewable energy. In 2022, a total of 471 million tons of goods and 21 million units of standard containers were introduced through the port, which is ranked seventh in the world, and according to the data of 2023, it is expected to reach 653 million tons.

On his second day, PM participated in the summer Davos economy conference under “Entrepreneurship: The driving force of the global economy” theme and met with the initiator of the conference and President Klaus Shwab. He noted that he believes that the events organized by the World Economic Forum will make a valuable contribution to overcoming the challenges arising from the new situation. During the meeting, they discussed Mongolia’s economic diversification, problems facing landlocked countries, and international cooperation against corruption. PM noted that the Mongolian Economic Forum, which discusses Mongolia’s future economic and investment policy and cooperation opportunities, will be held from July 9 and 10, and conveyed official invitation to President Klaus Schwab.

Amarjargal Munkhbat