Preliminary study underway for school zone project

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General Manager of Ulaanbaatar City and Head of the Office of the Governor of the Capital City M.Bayaraa met Deputy Country Director of the KOICA Mongolia Office Kangsan Lee. During the meeting, views on the projects and programs that are being implemented and planned to be implemented through cooperation were exchanged.

Authorities of the capital city will provide information and administrative support, and cooperate in all aspects of the projects. In addition, General Manager of Ulaanbaatar City M.Bayaraa said that the capital city is willing to cooperate in the field of technology, digital transition, professional advice, experience exchange and personnel training. “Ulaanbaatar city’s public utility regulations are being developed. We want to exchange experience and cooperate in the draft of the regulation”, he added.

KOICA highlighted that it has the strategy to cooperate with Ulaanbaatar city in environment, agriculture, administration, and road transport, and expressed that it is able to discuss and support the proposal put forward by the capital city. In order to contribute to the development of the city in terms of education and personnel, KOICA is establishing an Urban Development Chamber at Mongolian University of Science and Technology. Moreover, in order to ensure the safety of children, a preliminary study is being conducted to implement a project to establish a school zone.

At the end of the meeting, the parties expressed that they will further expand their cooperation, exchange views and support in all aspects of implementing projects.

Misheel Lkhasuren