Premier reviews water supply project in Govi-Altai

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  • May 16,2019
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U.Khurelsukh being introduced the project process

Prime Minister U.Khurelsukh visited Govi-Altai Province on May 15 to review the implementations of government action plans in the province and learn more about the ongoing process of development projects in the province.

U.Khurelsukh was introduced to the ongoing construction project to build a 54-km water supply pipeline from Lake Gegeen in Taishir soum to Altai City, the capital of the province.

Project Manager M.Otgonbaatar told the prime minister that the construction of the Taishir-Altai water supply project launched on May 1, and the project team will actively carry out the project as early as possible.

The prime minister said, “As Govi-Altai residents have faced major challenges such as air pollution in the winter and lack of access to safe drinking water for many years, the government is working to deal with these two challenges.”

Mayor of Govi-Altai S.Ganselem pointed out that the water supply pipeline will provide Altai City residents fresh surface water and decrease infectious diseases caused by poor quality water. He added that public health will be improved, regular water supply will have positive impact on the development of small to medium-sized enterprises, the main limitations of water resource, supply and infrastructure problems hindering the development of Altai City will be solved, and the high rate of migration from the province to Ulaanbaatar and other areas will stop.

The mayor added that thanks to the project, the improvement in water supply will have a positive impact on the development of businesses in the city, development progress of agriculture and animal husbandry, and advancement of living condition of the population.

The current water source of Altai City does not meet standards of the public potable water supply, the ratio of calcium and magnesium is improper and the amount of water resource does not meet present requirements, bringing negative impacts on human health.

Though many survey and investigation projects for underground water were carried out over the years, none found any resources that meet the water quality standard. In order to resolve the drinking water question facing Altai City residents, the government decided to pump water from a water basin in the province’s Taishir soum through coastal water intake structure and transmit it to Altai City through an underground pipeline.

The project is being carried out under a cooperation agreement between the governments of Mongolia and Austria.

Austria promised a soft loan of 14 million EUR to implement the Taishir-Altai water supply project.

Minister of Roads and Transportation B.Enkh-Amgalan and Secretary General of the Mongolian People’s Party D.Amarbayasgalan accompanied the prime minister during his visit.