President emphasizes public education against drug crime

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On July 23, President Kh.Battulga met with newly appointed Chief of the National Police Agency (NPA) J.Bold.

At the beginning of the meeting, the president noted that the NPA acted as a political organization during the 2020 parliamentary election and emphasized that the activities of the NPA must not deviate from its primary obligations.

He expressed his hope that Chief of the NPA J.Bold will continue to work to combat crime and prevent crime.

In particular, the president said that the police should pay special attention to drug crime among teenagers.

“Education and prevention play an important role in the effective fight against this type of crime, so it is important to pay attention to the education of society at all levels,” President Kh.Battulga said.

He proposed to cooperate with the relevant organizations to increase their activity in the field of arts and sports, to provide opportunities for proper and professional leisure activities, and to study the experience of Ireland, Norway, Hungary and other countries that support the development of sports and arts to reduce juvenile delinquency.

Moreover, President Kh.Battulga reminded that the police have not been able to resolve the case of the death of a former Member of Parliament G.Batkhuu, which occurred at the State Palace on May 17, 2019.

The meeting was attended by Deputy Minister of Justice and Internal Affairs S.Baatarjav and Chief of Staff of the Office of
President U.Shijir.

Misheel Lkhasuren