‘Presidential Election Law was passed against DP’

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    On March 23, parliamentarian B.Purevdorj held a press briefing on the Law on Presidential Election of Mongolia.

Noting that the Law on Presidential Election was deliberately passed against the rules of the Democratic Party (DP), he said, “The nomination of political parties for presidency will take three days. The Mongolian People’s Party (MPP) elects a candidate for presidential election from among its leaders.”

“In accordance with the law, DP will receive materials of candidates for presidential election on April 30. On the same day, DP’s Internal Election Committee will register its candidates, and candidates will present their action plans. The next day, one candidate will be nominated for the presidency. On May 2, the party Congress will convene to approve the candidate. This process is fundamentally against our party’s rules.”

“Moreover, political parties will submit their candidate materials to the General Election Commission (GEC) from May 2 to 5. Within another three days, the commission will decide whether to register a candidate. If a candidate is rejected, he or she has only two days to correct the material. Re-nomination only arises if a candidate dies or is convicted,” he added.

“DP’s disputing sides are being tricked by MPP. Our party has two seals. If DP nominates two candidates to the GEC, it will not be able to run in the presidential election. In particular, the GEC can reject a party on the grounds that two people are nominated for the presidency. Under this legal framework, both sides of DP continue to hold separate party chairship elections. It is unfortunate that many people act as if they do not know the law,” he emphasized.

Misheel Lkhasuren