Presidential hopefuls to receive candidacy cards on May 24

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During its meeting on May 7, the General Election Commission (GEC) decided to register candidates and issue candidacy cards in accordance with Article 28.6 of the Law on Presidential Election.

According to the GEC, the issuance of candidacy cards shall be organized on May 24 in accordance with Article 28.7 of the Law on Presidential Election, which stipulates that if a decision is made to register a candidate, the GEC shall issue candidacy cards 16 days prior to the polling day.

In connection with the registration, S.Erdene nominated by the Democratic Party (DP) reported that the GEC issued an appropriate decision in accordance with the law.

Moreover, the Right Person Voter Coalition (RPVC) held a press briefing on its candidate’s registration on May 8.

RPVC chairman and lawmaker T.Dorjkhand said, “The GEC decided to register candidate D.Enkhbat in accordance with the law. We have the opportunity to make a choice free from the two-party system that is seizing state power.”

The Mongolian People’s Party nominated Chairman of the party U.Khurelsukh, RPVC nominated founder of Datacom D.Enkhbat, while the split DP groups with two leaders nominated former Chairman of the party S.Erdene and lawmaker N.Altankhuyag for the 2021 presidential election. The GEC registered S.Erdene from DP, refusing to register N.Altankhuyag citing the law, which states parties with seats in Parliament may nominate only one candidate for the presidential election.

Misheel Lkhasuren