Prices for meat increase

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  • Apr 11,2016
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The National Registration and Statistical Office (NRSO) presented data on meat and food prices, comparing current prices with prices from the previous week, and announced that the prices for meat have increased. Prices for bone-in mutton stood at 6,920 MNT per kg, up by 435 MNT (6.7 percent), and bone-in beef was 7,970 MNT per kg, up by 530 MNT (six percent) compared to last week. The report shows that beef was cheapest at Kharkhorin Market at 7,800 MNT, while Nomin Supermarket sold beef at the highest prices at 8,799 MNT per kg. Mutton was cheapest at Khuchit Shonkhor and Kharkhorin markets, selling for 6,800 MNT, and the highest price of 8,000 MNT was at Mercury Market. As of the first week of April, the price of Altan Taria's high quality flour ranged from 1,200 to 1,500 MNT per kilogram. First-grade flour was sold for 1,000 to 1,300 MNT per kilogram, and the lowest grade of flour ranged from 780 to 1,000 MNT per kilogram. The report says that prices for vegetables were relatively stable in comparison with the data from the previous week.