Quality and promptness of statistics improved

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During its regular meeting on April 22, the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Economy convened with an attendance of 63.2 percent.

Lawmakers S.Byambatsogt, D.Terbishdagva and B.Battumur introduced the revised bill on development policy, planning and management.

Noting the revised bill is being discussed urgently, lawmaker M.Oyunchimeg said, “There is necessity to eliminate inconsistencies in the work of government agencies and pursue a comprehensive development policy.”

Lawmaker S.Byambatsogt mentioned that long, medium and short-term planning will be developed in accordance with Mongolia’s development policy.

“Development policies will be implemented at the government and local levels. In addition, Article 9 of the revised bill contains a provision on liability. The provision stipulates that depending on the results of an implementation of development policy and planning documents, Cabinet will be evaluated, and if necessary, a resignation of the prime minister will be proposed in accordance with the Constitution of Mongolia,” he added.

The members of the standing committee decided to introduce the proposals and conclusion during the meeting of the Standing Committee on State Structure.

Then, the 2019 activity report of the National Statistical Office of Mongolia (NSOM) was discussed.

Chairperson of NSOM A.Ariunzaya attended the meeting and introduced the report.

A.Ariunzaya said, “In 2019, the NSOM used information technology to harmonize statistical databases of the government organizations and verify database information. As a result, discrepancies in information have been eliminated and the quality and promptness of official statistics have improved. In addition, statistical data collection steps and data processing time are being shortened, and consumption is increasing. A total of 17 new programs were written and 22 programs were updated for census and data collection activities.”

Lawmakers B.Battumur, D.Terbishdagva, M.Oyunchimeg, B.Undarmaa, B.Javkhlan and J.Ganbaatar expressed their views on the report and agreed that NSOM has been carrying out its operations well.

Misheel Lkhasuren