‘Rich herder’ project to launch in Khentii Province

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Chineeleg Malchin Boijuulakh Tuv NGO made the decision on April 29 to announce the launch of their “Rich Herders” project in Khentii Province.  Former Mayor of Khentii Province Kh.Erdenebaatar was appointed as head of Chineeleg Malchin Boijuulakh Tuv in Khentii Province and signed an agreement on April 29.

This year, over 5 million livestock was registered in Khentii Province. However, focusing on quality and herd structure rather than livestock number, and protecting pastures is one of the most pressing issues for herders. Therefore, Khentii Province is preparing to implement “Rich herder” project in order to put their livestock into economic circulation, protect pastures, improve the livelihoods of herders, and increase their income.  Khentii has 2.5 million sheep. Officials said that there is availability to increase the quality of sheep herds in accordance with the specifics of pastures in the southern region of the province, and it is possible to create a business model based on cattle herds in the northern soums.

One of the main goals of this program is to increase the annual income of herder households with less than a thousand livestock by 200,000 to 300,000 MNT.  Khentii plans to improve animal breed and export of meat that meets international standards in the future. Chineeleg Malchin Boijuulakh Tuv NGO says it will implement the project in 330 soums of 21 provinces. The project will hold training seminars on ways to generate income from livestock and give healthy lambs to herders who take part.

Enkhnaranjav Tumurbaatar