Roads and Transportation Ministry says it has resolved numerous railroad issues

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  • May 18,2016
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On Monday, the Ministry of Roads and Transportation organized an urgent meeting with authorities of Mongolian Railway (MTZ) to resolve several issues concerning the nation’s railway sector and reported that the meeting produced tangible results. The meeting attendees agreed upon connecting the Aero Express railway project routed to the new international airport in Khushigt Valley to the Bogdkhan railway project to expand the nation’s railway network. The parties also agreed to introduce a new 280 km railway project connecting Zuun Bayan Station in Dornogovi’s Sainshand soum to Khangi Port at the Mongolian and Chinese border. After the project’s review by the Cabinet, it will be submitted for further discussion by the parliament. Once the route is approved, the Ministry of Roads and Transportation is expected to make changes to the agreement between Mongolia and China on border regulations and procedures. The MTZ will present financial information concerning the implementation of the railway projects to the Finance Ministry for resolution. The MTZ will also negotiate with the Customs and Taxation Department to become an accredited transportation organization. Concerning Bold Tumur Yuruu Gol LLC, a privately-owned railway company, MTZ and government officials agreed to present the Cabinet with issues regarding the ownership of 83.4 km of land selected for construction of a railway line connecting Yuruu Station to Bayangol’s iron ore deposit, located in Selenge Province’s Yuruu soum. After approval of the privatization of the land, the sides are expected to announce the establishment of a railway station for international transportation and the monitoring of operational and freight tariffs of the railway line.