S.Ganbaatar calls on Oyu Tolgoi to fund COVID-19 vaccination

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On December 21, lawmaker S.Ganbaatar called on Oyu Tolgoi LLC to fund the COVID-19 vaccination of the population.

“Mongolian state-owned companies are realizing their social responsibility during the pandemic. Oyu Tolgoi LLC must be as socially responsible as anyone else,” he said.

“It is not possible to vaccinate the entire Mongolian population. It is said that 50 billion MNT has been budgeted for vaccination, but it will not be enough to vaccinate even 20 percent of the population. That is why the government is asking for help from international organizations,” he continued.

“However, with a month’s income of Oyu Tolgoi, it is possible to vaccinate 100 percent of Mongolians. Therefore, I call on Oyu Tolgoi to organize the vaccination of the entire population of Mongolia. In fact, the prime minister has the right and obligation to compel the company. I hope that the government and lawmakers will support this call and make it a reality,” he added.

Misheel Lkhasuren