School lunch program to be included in long-term development policy

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       On May 5, the Standing Committee on Social Policy, Education, Culture and Science met with an attendance of 52.6 percent to discuss “Vision-2050” long-term development policy.

The policy document has nine fundamental goals and 50 development targets, which categorized three groups of actions divided into three 10-year periods -- 2020-2030, 2031-2040, and 2041-2050.

Citizen based approach is the core of this long-term development policy, and each target of the policy is aimed at improving the life of Mongolian citizens.

During the meeting, lawmaker Ts.Munkh-Orgil issued a principle proposal on the document. He proposed to amend the section of the document on Education Objectives with new provision stating, “To develop a national system of school meals, production and services.”

The lawmaker also proposed that all students be provided lunch services, and each school have standard food production facilities and equipment.

Ts.Munkh-Orgil said, “In 2019, Parliament ratified the legislation on food, production and services for secondary schools. The law will come into force on September 1, 2020. According to the law, more than 800 schools in Mongolia will have their own kitchens, and all students will participate in the lunch program.

The lunch program will protect public health, prevent communicable and non-communicable diseases, ensure that future generations eat healthily, and in 5 to 10 years there will be a major shift in social life. Therefore, it is proposed to
include this provision in the policy document.”

The majority of the members of the standing committee supported the proposal.

Misheel Lkhasuren