Scooter rental service launches in UB

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                                                                                                                                               Jet Sharing Mongolia LLC introduced a scooter rental service in the capital city. A total of 3,000 scooters were planned to be placed on the streets and squares of Ulaanbaatar, and 700 of them are released on a trial basis. The project implementers will deploy all the scooters after understanding the demand and organizational structure.

The “Ninebot” model scooter, which allows the citizens of Ulaanbaatar to change their ride, is connected to a smart system or a special application and it also has a locator. To operate the scooter, the user must install the “Jet Scooter” application on their phone and create an account. After that, it will be possible to start the journey by loading the wallet with at least 4,000 MNT and scanning the QR code on the steering wheel. The first minute of renting a scooter is 500 MNT, and the second minute is 200 MNT. Specifically, a user who recharges the wallet with 4,000 MNT can ride a scooter for 18 minutes. It means that it is convenient to deposit money in your account depending on the distance to your destination. Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Serbia, and Uzbekistan are successfully implementing this kind of scooter rental service with a control system based on a special application.

Not long after the introduction of the scooter rental service, the violations related to it started to appear, the implementers mentioned. For example, last Sunday night, two scooters were stolen and an attempt was made to remove the GPS. In addition, there have been many cases of scooters being dumped in places other than their intended purpose.

According to the rules, the user should leave the scooter only in the places where the location is marked in the application, and when doing so, they should take a picture and send it. Unfortunately, some users ignore this and cause inconvenience. If the “Ninebot” is stolen, controllers can easily locate the person. If a registered user commits such a violation, action will be taken such as blocking their email address.

Jet Sharing Mongolia LLC has issued rules for using scooters. It is for adults only. It is forbidden to ride a scooter with more than one person and to enter the areas marked in red on the map. In addition, implementers remind citizens to follow the traffic rules and ensure their safety when traveling with scooters.

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